Secret des Lys,
modern restaurant
in Ancenis

Traditional and bold cuisine

With its sophisticated decor, featuring sleek, simple furniture and contemporary works of art, the restaurant Secret des Lys in Ancenis serves daring and delicious cuisine, created with remarkable skill by Alexandre Gosset.

The chef has always had a passion for food, inspired by the mouthwatering dishes his mother used to make. After training at the École Ferrrandi, he began his career working under Dominique Bouchet (the former chef at Le Crillon), who introduced him to Japanese flavours, among so many others.

Working at Le Trendy, a restaurant in Tours, gave Alexandre Gosset the opportunity to hone his style. He showcased his passion for classic cuisine and generous dishes and continued to learn more about Asian culinary arts.

A dedicated team at your service

Today, he works as the chef at Secret des Lys, a modern restaurant near Nantes; together with his sous-chef, he takes the time to experiment, creating new and intense flavour combinations. The result? Traditional yet modern cuisine, with a subtle Asian influence.

Featuring 5 starters, 5 main courses and 5 desserts, the menu changes every six weeks, offering a genuinely unique dining experience: delicious and freshly made ravioli with Granny Smith apples and crab, lime/vodka aigrelette, green shiso ice-cream. The sous-chef creates delectable desserts which feature beautiful flavours and fragrances. His lemon tart is not to be missed!

Alexandre Gosset sources his ingredients from regional suppliers. He orders fish from Mr Bordage, who travels to Les Sables d’Olonne to buy the freshest fish at auction. He makes enthusiastic use of some of the delicacies which Domaine des Lys has to offer (cherries, blackberries, flowers, herbs) and intends to start growing his own vegetables to be able to serve dishes with a truly personal touch.

The cheerful waiting staff at this appealing restaurant in the Pays de la Loire are able to advise guests on food and drink. In summer, enjoy a seat on the terrace where you can savour a superb view of Domaine des Lys’ courtyard in the heart of the tree-filled grounds.